What is Cyber Security

It seems that everyone relies on computers and the internet nowadays - Communications(Email, cell phones), Entertainment(iPods, digital cabel, mp3s),Transportation(car engine systems, airplane navigation),Shopping(online stores, credit cards),Medicine(equipment, medical records) and the list goes on. Have u really wondered ?

  • How much of your daily life relies on computer ?

  • How much of your personal information is stored either on your computer or on Someone else’s system ?

  • How much of your personal information on social networking sites (Facebook, Orkut, Twitter ,more) are potentially secure ?"

There is an alarming shortage of highly skilled information security Specialists and vulnerability researchers working for government and software vendors. A recent study conducted by NASSCOM says, the expected demand for Cyber Security Specialist by the year 2012 would be around 2,00,000 , as in comparison to current availability of only about 22,000 professionals.

Apart from this a strategic plan is being drawn by National Security Advisor (NSA) Shivshankar Menon, in association with private sector, to raise an army of 5,00,000 IT Security professional to thwart the threat of cyber attacks from a host of hostile entities. So as long as the demand exceeds the supply the defenders will be failing to protect their systems against zero-day attacks. This in itself is a great motivation for aspiring students and professionals to take up this potential career option. One can hope to be as on the seventh cloud if one gives his/her cent-percent.
There are too many momentous risks – the most pivotal ones of these are the viruses which can intrude your systems, alter your files, gain illegal access to your system and wipe out data, misuse your credit cards details for unauthorized buys and so on. Unfortunately there is no 100% security guarantee with even best Precautions , some of these things may happen to you, but there Are steps you can take to minimize the chances

Cyber crime today has turned out to be more structured , urbanized and refined attacks. "We have insiders, we have nation and statewide threats, a spectrum of Cyber threats from many users,” says report. Cyber threats have evolved into “Incredibly severe attacks."