Managed Security Services

You want to mitigate the impact of security breaches to avoid data loss and business disruption, implement strong policies and controls that help address information security compliance requirements, and maintain customer trust and shareholder confidence. Our Managed Security Services (MSS) provide:

A Structured Approach to Managed Security

Access to security knowledge, expertise, and best practices to design, implement, and maintain a secure IT infrastructure. Monitoring and Management of security and related IT infrastructure. Prevention, detection, and reporting of security threats in a constantly changing landscape.

MSS can help you control costs, improve risk insight, enhance decision making, and drive fast remediation for day-to-day security. It assists in allocating the right resources against the most dangerous threats, and provides consistency in handling threats and policies across your organization − so you can have one consistent view of your security posture across geographies.

Security where you need it

We provide a full MSS portfolio on premises and in the cloud, and will help you to refine security policies and processes to proactively identify vulnerabilities and prioritize threats – resulting in better visibility, enhanced security, and reduced risk. We’ve been recognized by industry analysts for our managed security services capabilities, and can put that expertise to work for you.