Group 2000 recognizes the need for a safer world. We strongly believe that we can contribute to this by developing intelligent security solutions for law enforcement, intelligence agencies, enterprises, telecom providers and internet service providers. Our user friendly solutions support our customers on strategic, tactical and operational level. Through reliability and a greater user experience we enable them to be effective, efficient and successful. Like no other we understand that trustworthiness, independence and discretion are values of paramount importance.


Group 2000 IT solutions help customers to realize complex IT integration issues. Group 2000 uses the expertise of the market, understanding the processes of the customer and the opportunities that IT can provide to automate these processes. Our corporate culture is characterized by a continuous process of innovation. Through this innovation Group 2000 is now a leading, international company with prominent solutions in the field of security and information technology.

Group 2000 works with fixed multi-disciplinary teams. The knowledge and more importantly industry and organizational knowledge regarding your order, is guaranteed in fixed and recognizable hands. Group 2000 is an inspiring and challenging environment for her employees. Our clients extend across the world and generally offer complex and challenging assignments. Our employees literally make the difference and ensure that your IT project will be yield to a success.