Consulting Services

The thousands of network nodes running inside your organization not only needs continuous monitoring of their logs but a red team continuously trying to break into your infrastructure equipped with the most updated exploit library, both public and private such that we can not only to provide you with the most comprehensive assessment report with our semi-automated methodology, but also to help you address the gaps identified in the report.

Weaknesses in information security can jeopardize your mission, threaten your profitability, and invite fines and penalties from regulatory bodies. Our cyber security consultants provide services and solutions that deliver continuous security assurance for business, government, and critical infrastructure.

E2Labs protects leading organizations in financial services, healthcare, technology and other industries, federal government agencies, the intelligence community, who must adhere to federal cyber security standards.

Governance Risk & Compliance Services

  • PCI Data Security Standard
  • ISO 27001 Assessment
  • GXP–Good Practice Security Assessment
  • Healthcare Compliance (HIPAA,HITECH,HITRUSTCSF)
  • Policy /Program Development
  • Security Strategy Development
  • Security Management Program (SMP)

Threat & Vulnerability

  • Application Vulnerability Scanning(AVS)
  • Network Vulnerability Scanning(VMS)
  • Penetration Testing(Web, Client-Server)
  • Application Vulnerability Assessment(AVA)
  • Secure Source Code Reviews
  • Mobile Application Security
  • Wireless Vulnerability Assessments
  • Onsite SOC Services

Identity Access Management

  • IAM Maturity and Roadmap
  • IAM Cloud Readiness
  • Role Management Design
  • IAM Solutions Integration
  • PKI Assessment
  • Data and Access Discovery
  • DLP Operationalization

Investigative Response

  • Computer Incident Response
  • Electronic Data Recovery
  • IT Investigations
  • IR Program Development
  • Health Check Services
  • Rapid ResponseRetainer
  • E-Discovery


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In House Corporate Training

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Execution Scope

IT Security Execution Scope

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